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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm sorrrry, I just reaaaalllly love a lot of things..

Name's Victoria, but I prefer to be called Tora. It's a pleasure to meet you~☆
I almost only ever post drawings I do on my 3DSXL.

I enjoy conspiracy theories, mythical creatures, mythology, folklore, legends, paranormal thangs, supernatural bizz, and all that stuff.

I'm always happy to talk, please feel free to note me :)
Mmm, sorry I don't post, like, at all anymore...

Have a nice day!☆


Humanoid Bot Sketch
I have to paint this rough sketch onto a surface about the size of my palm.

My sister says she wants to get this tattooed, but I don't think she'll have the same opinion in a few years.

I need to stop sketching things in biro. I know she's really not symmetrical. But it'll have to do for now, until the painting is done.
Things are Just Swell
"I want to say I am okay, but, no matter how many people believe me, I know I'm not speaking the truth.
I hate myself so much, I can't even name 5 things I like about myself. I hate my arm, I hate my mindset, I hate my anxiety, I hate it all. I can't change who I am anymore. I've been pushed under the water too many times and I'm just sick of staying quiet and heaving myself to shore, only to be pulled straight back down. I hate that I have nobody to talk to that actually makes things feel better.
I hate how scared I am of life, how I think about all the people I'm losing, unable to change anything.
Nobody knows who I am on the inside. Nobody knows how many times a day I think how much sadder I'll be without them. People don't think they'll lose me, but I'm afraid I'm already lost."
Thank you again, Nick.
I forgot that I wanted to upload it to DA ovo'

I didn't know what to put it under for the category...
Trying to Smile But You Dont Even Know the Real Me
"You could never love me because I'm not the girl in the pictures."

I'm an emotional mess rn. a messy mess. ligitjustsweepmeintoatrashbinandsetmeonfire
Oh yo, my physiotherapist upped my workouts to 20 wrist curls, push ups, bench push ups, wall push ups (25 over the three), and 20 bicep curls (all curls with a 4kg weight, which isn't much but gets heavy and can cause pain in the damaged area of my arm). That's three times a day. I was originally on 15-20 bicep curls, and 20 wall push ups. :') my torso hurts, and after my trip to Victor Harbour I have sun burn ON ONE ARM HAHAHAHAIWANTTOFUCKINGDIE

Outfit Study 01
Outfit Study. I picked an outfit from a game, Tomodachi Life, and drew it in my style. Some changes were made to the outfit, but I'm happy with it.
Thumbs Up Batman 
I've been using an OC as a model, just not giving her much detail so she doesn't risk drawing attention away from the outfit. 
I chose this POV because I thought there wasn't much going on from the front.
I noticed the skirt is too long on the left of the image, but that was whilst I was flipping it, and putting in the original outfit. (from Tomodachi Life, as stated earlier)
I never got around to drawing her left hand haha.
The pattern on the tights is wonky and all, but, again, I'm still happy with its outcome.
You talk too much! You talk too much! You talk too much!

Good day/night all, I wish you luck for the day ahead.


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